Hidde Elferink


E-mail: h.elferink@science.ru.nl

I became familiar with carbohydrate chemistry in my masters intership in the Boltje Research Group, where I did my major internship under the supervision of Rens Mensink on the topic of stereoselective glycosylation by neighboring group participation.[1,2] After completion, I joined the group of prof. Mikael Bols at Copenhagen University under supervision of associate prof. Christian Marcus Pedersen for a minor internship on stereoselective L-Rhamnosylation.[3] The fruitful experiences in the lab as well as the exciting applications and method development of carbohydrate chemistry where big motivations to come back and to start my PhD in the Boltje Research Group in in August 2016.

My current project focuses on the development of new carbohydrate based anti-cancer drugs.


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