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Daan Sondag


I obtained both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. During my bachelor I became familiar with the Boltje Research Group when doing research towards various fast release sugar drug conjugates. During my Molecular Chemistry master track I did a major internship for over a year in the Synthetic Organic Chemistry department, were I worked on the challenging synthesis of tetrahydrocannabinol derivatives through late-stage derivatization [1]. Hereafter I joined Aspen Oss. B.V. for a minor internship were I conducted research towards the feasibility of industrial applicable routes for different inhibitors.

The exciting and inspiring environment in the Boltje Research Group motivated me to return for a PhD as of September 2019. My current project focuses on the fast identification of (bio)luminescent substrates for point-of-care coagulation diagnosis.


  1. A Revised Modular Approach to (–)‐trans‐Δ8‐THC and Derivatives Through Late‐Stage Suzuki–Miyaura Cross‐Coupling Reactions. Victor R. L. J. Bloemendal, Daan. Sondag, Hidde Elferink, Thomas J. Boltje, Jan C. M. van Hest, Floris P. J. T. Rutjes, Eur. Joc., 2019, 2289 – 2296.