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Eline Visser

I only recently became aware of the very interesting field of glycobiology, and decided this was a field in which I would like to perform research and learn more about. Therefore, I started doing a PhD in the Boltje Research group in Oktober 2019.
I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Molecular Life Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. In my masters, I’ve specialized in ‘Clinical Biology’, since I’m very interested in doing fundamental research on human diseases, understanding them or possibly even curing them. During my internships and previous job as a research technician I’ve been focussing more on rare diseases and trying to unravel and understand some of the genetic and autoimmunological aspects of those diseases. But now, I will focus on a very common disease worldwide: cancer. During my project, I want to further investigate the use of modified sugars as a possible treatment against cancer.