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Floor ter Braak


I have obtained both my bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry from the Radboud University. There, at its organic chemistry department, I was introduced to the synthesis of cannabinoid natural products. During my bachelor internship I have worked on the synthesis of THC and its derivatization through Pd cross-coupling reactions. Enthusiastic about natural product synthesis, I later returned for a major internship centered around (dehydro)cannabifuran.

During a second master’s internship at Byondis (formerly Synthon Biopharmaceuticals) I got a chance to be part  of a medicinal chemistry project where I worked on a novel scaffold. As of December 1, I am happy to explore a field of chemistry that is new to me, namely that of carbohydrates. During my PhD in the Boltje group I will be focusing both on the stereoselective synthesis of glycans as well as a better understanding of the chemical glycosylation mechanism.