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Laura Jansen Muñoz


I am an enthusiastic junior researcher with a broad interest in molecular materials, green and (bio)organic chemistry. I graduated both bachelor Chemistry and master Molecular Chemistry from the Radboud University. During that time I worked on interesting research projects during several internships. For a year I did a research internship towards a modular method for controlled stereoselective cis– and trans-glycosylation in the Boltje research group at the Institute of Molecules and Materials, Radboud University. Subsequently, I started working on the synthesis of new substances from  the renewable source sugar beet pulp, at the company Cosun R&D.  My last research project during my studies was in Melbourne, Australia at CSIRO. During that internship I focused on the synthesis of new compounds for the development of new drug candidates against Giardiasis, a common gastrointestinal protozoal infection. After my graduation, I worked as a junior researcher for several months on a project in collaboration with Friesland Campina investigating allergenic galactooligosaccharides​​ at the Boltje research group. Currently, I am working as a PhD-candidate in the Boltje research group in collaboration with Cosun R&D in order to develop bio-based functional chemicals from renewable resources.