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Venetia Psomiadou



Holding a bachelor degree (Ptychio) in Chemistry from the University of Ioannina (Greece) and having recently completed a MSc degree in Organic Chemistry with specialisation in “Organic Synthesis – Natural Products and Applications” at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I found GLYTUNES programme and ESR-7 position ideal for my evolution as a researcher and I was genuinely interested in becoming a member of the Boltje Research group. I believe that the GLYTUNES programme itself is a great innovation in our scientific community, since it provides 14 researchers across five European countries the opportunity to work simultaneously on the same scientific project and fulfil its purpose, which targets the deeper understanding of our immune system.

In the era of the pandemic that we are living in, the development of new therapeutic methods and diagnosing strategies against infectious or immune diseases, is considered prerequisite in order to support public health and society in general.

In 2016, I became immediately intrigued by carbohydrate chemistry during my bachelor internship, where I focused on glycosylated Quercetin derivatives with biological properties. Later on, in 2019, I did my master internship in the Field of Organic Synthesis and Natural Products, in the topic of a new synthetic approach of the natural sesquiterpoind Aquilanol A through RCM reaction.

The synthesis of new SAMs, to enable the understanding of sialic acid/Siglec interactions, truly excites me. My personal drive to bring light to the outstanding questions that arise from the research of the Boltje Research group inspire me to get involved with a new spectrum of research, utilising my former knowledge in chemistry of natural products and carbohydrate chemistry.